My 20th birthday in a few words :3
Date March 10, 2012 | People left with no hugs :(

I was gifted a wonderful birthday party by my other sweet half and my sister! *_* Awww, I couldn’t ask for a better day sweethearts, THANK YOU!!!

I’m too sleepy to write more about it now, but I can tell you that Rad and Aarya gave me a pack of presents, including new york yankees tickets, phildelphia phillies tickets and los angeles dodgers tickets. Ahah! XD They got them from, our favorite site that has tickets for the new york yankees and the phildelphia phillies and the los angeles dodgers tickets. LOL. They’re funny, ihih! :P

But my all-times favorite is a set of wax cream and coordinated tarry cloth from Aarya. Love you sis!!!

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I’m gonna be 20!!!
Date March 4, 2012 | People left with no hugs :(

My 20th birthday is approaching. Can you believe that?! Gosh I feel so old.. Well, not like I want to, but everybody seems to remark the ugliest aspects of being a 20teen. “You’re a woman now, you need to take responsibility!” or “Isn’t that no longer suitable for you?You’re twenty now!”. Ugh… x__X I hate it when people tell me all that!

So, anyway, I’ve been given a lot of FREE tickets to use in the US if Rad and I ever go on a vacation there: florida marlins baseball tickets, atlanta braves mlb tickets and even seattle mariners tickets. WOW!! Thank you Flexia! :)

She got them all from, which has MLB tickets for the seattle mariners baseball team and the atlanta braves baseball and also the florida marlins team. Cool! :3 Next time I’ll look up some concert tickets there rather than eBay. Ahah!

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Hello world!
Date March 31, 2011 | People left a sweet hug!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! The unhelpful heritage vanishes.

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